How To Make An Adult Bed Pad

The saddle style mattress overlay, best suited for twin or full mattresses, has side flaps that tuck between your mattress and box spring to hold the pad in place. Mattress overlays can be machine washed and dried and can decrease the overall laundry burden significantly. […]

How To Make Maracas For Preschoolers

In this easy DIY maracas craft, you'll learn how to make your own musical instruments with inexpensive items and in less than 30 minutes with your little one! Step by step instructions and detailed photos make this tutorial easy to follow. […]

How To Plan For A Beach Trip

My niece is planning a trip to New York City. It will be her first USA trip so I told her I would write this step-by-step travel planning guide for her, and YOU, on how to plan a trip! Travel planning can be overwhelming and time-consuming, especially for overseas travel, and especially if you are […]

How To Make Vape More Harsh

Wax Vaporizers and Dab Pens . Vaporizers have been all the buzz in the cannabis world recently. From the MacGyver's of the world who try to get a puff off homemade easy to use smoking devices to those looking to be more stealthy, discreet or healthy. […]

How To Make Paella With Clams

What others are saying "Spice up your seafood with this Spanish Seafood Paella Recipe. Lobster, Shrimp, Clams and Mussel." "used smoked farmers sausage, lobster tails, shrimp and mussels. omitted the olives and lemon wedges." […]

How To Put Old Xbox Hard Drive In Slim

Got a first generation Hard Drive for the Xbox 360? It will fit into the new Xbox 360 Slim. I show you how. 1.) Torx wrench will open screws, but you can just use a hammer and screwdriver and break the plastic casing. Be careful not to damage the actual hard drive. Once you have the HD removed, line up the pins in the new Xbox and BAM! You now […]

How To Lose Size In Butt

11/07/2013 · Exercises to reduce butt size include the classic lunges and squats, among others. Exercise to reduce butt size with help from a distinguished fitness professional in this free video clip. […]

How To Make My Grass Greener And Thicker

Nitrogen is chiefly responsible for the growth, fullness, and intense green color, in grass. So, a deficiency in nitrogen will lead to weak growth, thin brown turf, and a lower resistance to illness. […]

How To Make Love To A Man By A Man

Furthermore, there will be differences from guy to guy, as there are with women, so trying to understand what makes a man fall in love is not easy, for the most part. […]

How To Order From Michaels Canada

Order Processing: Normal order processing can take between 1-3 business days (Monday – Friday). Shipping Delivery The following shipping methods are available, Standard Ground (5–7 business days), Ship to Store (5-7 business days), Second Day (2 business days) and Next Day (1 business day). […]

How To Put Long Hyperlapse On Instagram

Hyperlapse is a free app that can be downloaded in addition to Instagram but published through the social media app. It allows you to capture between 30 and 45 minutes (depending on your phone) of […]

How To Make A Cedar Barrel

Create Unique Retail Displays With Our Hand-Crafted Cedar Barrels. Our hand-crafted cedar barrels make unique retail display containers for dry goods such as pet products, grain, seed and vegetables. […]

How To Play Guess Who I Am Game

Kids riddles for each letter of the alphabet A-Z. Can you guess the answers? Play as a riddle game or use as a fun classroom riddle quiz! Download as a PDF or Print. […]

How To Make A Black Powder Drop Tube

Making black powderThe practice of making black powder (often abbreviated 'BP')is often oversimplified in textbooks. Merely mixing the components, potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur, does not […]

How To Make A Scanned Document Larger On The Page

You can then resize the scanned document to fit on your page. By default, Microsoft Word works with most of the popular image formats -- including TIF, PNG, JPEG and GIF -- and can copy the images […]

How To Respond To A Resume Received

Have you ever received an InMail from a recruiter? Here's how you should respond when headhunters come knocking on LinkedIn. Here's how you should respond when headhunters come knocking on […]

How To Draw Open Mouth Tongue Anime

How to Draw Anime Lips & Mouths with Manga Drawing Tutorials January 23, 2010 by admin 6 Comments Here is a fantastic Anime & Manga Mouths & Lips drawing tutorial for all of those Japanese illustration fanatics out there. […]

How To Play State Of Decay 2 With Friends

I bought State of Decay 2 so i could play with my friends. It is making me lose trust in Microsoft when I buy a game for $30 and I cant even play one of the main features. It is making me lose trust in Microsoft when I buy a game for $30 and I cant even play one of the main features. […]

How To Make Collage In Preview

Step 5. Export the collage maker. Once you finish the photo collage, you have several options. You can preview it with full screen, you can save your project for updating, you can print it and send out to friends and family as a gift, you can save as pictures or email to your relatives, you can even save it … […]

How To Play 3 Dragon Ante D&d 5e With Dice

Each order includes 15 complete sets, for a total of 105 polyhedral dice. Also included in every order is a free, high quality 5X8 black velvet dice bag (a $14.95 value) which can hold about 110 dice. […]

How To Make A Table Apron

10/06/2008 · Most tables (like dining room tables) use a four inch apron. The four inch apron is a tradeoff between giving you enough strength, and leaving enough room for people to put their legs under the table. With good mortise and tenon joinery, the four inch apron will be plenty strong. […]

How To Make Keif Without Bags

7/05/2013 · Here's a hash making tutorial from begining to end without bubble bags which gives you almost as potent hash. I was looking all over for this method and finally found it, I cannot take credit for writing it however. […]

How To Put Together A Demo Reel

9/10/2006 · How should one put together an Editing Reel? I understand how to make a motion graphics reel but i am confused on the editing reel. I know that you have to impress the viewer within the first 10-15 seconds or your Reel is going to the trash can. […]

How To Know If You Respond To Creatine

Speak to enough long-term creatine users, and one response may be so common as to leave you scratching your head, contemplating whether there’s more to the story: “ I like creatine. I’m convinced I gain muscle and strength faster while using it. […]

How To Read Fund Fact Sheet

“In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” – Warren Buffet In investing, it is said that past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future success. The irony is that the past is the best indicator that we can use. Most trust funds help you the investor choose a […] […]

How To Make A Wine Glass Holder Out Of Wood

Mystifying Balancing Wine Bottle Holder December 6, 2009 By Paul & Vernon Mayer & filed under Last Minute Woodworking Gifts , Plans and Projects , Woodworking Projects . Add a whimsical air to your next celebration by placing wine bottles in a seemingly impossible balancing act using these intriguing holders. […]

How To Make Your Cloth Diaoer Smaller

And of course, by making your own cloth diapers, you can customize the fit of the diapers and have fun choosing colorful fabrics. Make your own cloth diapers with this collection of over sixty free cloth diaper […]

How To Open Another Ost File In Outlook 2016

I had Windows issues so have done a clean install of all software and am trying to set up my saved Outlook 2016 ost file into Outlook again. I'm falling over on step 3 of the "move ost file in Outlook 2016" process as it won't let me delete the one I created when loading the software because I "need to create a new one first". […]

How To Poop A Lot To Lose Weight

Lose Pounds And Inches How To Lose A Lot Of Weight How Much Weight Can You Lose On Herbalife How Lose Weight Fast 200 How To Lose Weight In One Week At Home Lose 5 Pounds In One Week Diet How To Lose A Pound A Day With Exercise How To Get Rid Of Belly Bloat And Fat How To Lose A Lot Of Weight How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat For Women Over 30 How Much Weight Will I Lose On 1200 […]

How To Put Volume In Fine Hair

Continued Avoid These Mistakes. Doing too much to fine hair can make it lifeless. Avoid: Heavy products. Coffey says stay away from serums, oils, pomades, and silicone, which can flatten hair. […]

How To Play Cube World

Can I Run Cube World. Check the Cube World system requirements. Can I Run it? Test your specs and rate your gaming PC. System requirements Lab runs millions of PC requirements tests on over 6,000 games a month. […]

How To Produce Electronic Music

Over To You: How To Start Making House Music? Phil Morse November 25 “Listen to what you want to make” If you analyse the music correctly and thoroughly enough, you will learn to understand it and eventually be able to make it yourself. If you’re having technical difficulties actually creating the sound/ EQ’ing/inputing midi and audio files into the DAW then there are a plethora of […]

How To Open Pdf In Word File

25/08/2016 · I have a PDF file that needs to be modified in word. I went to open it up in Word and get the following message: We're having trouble opening this PDF. […]

How To Make Your Baby Walk Faster

Walking is excellent for speeding up labor because it uses gravity and your natural body movement to help your baby move into the birth canal. The pressure of the baby’s head helps to stimulate the cervix to ripen, dilate and thin. Walking is also useful for encouraging contractions. To stay safe, have someone else take a walk with you for support as you try to walk as much as possible. […]

How To Make Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Give the garlic herb mashed potatoes one final taste and add more salt, if needed. Pile a big scoop on to a plate, add a little extra butter if youre feeling like a rebel, and dig in! Pile a big scoop on to a plate, add a little extra butter if youre feeling like a rebel, and dig in! […]

How To Open Data File In Spss

Once you have your data set loaded into SPSS you can stack your data file using the following steps. There are some additional options along the way which you can select according to your needs. These steps focus on stacking the example data file linked above. Select Data > Restructure. This will open the Restructure Data Wizard. Choose the option to Restructure selected variables into cases […]

How To Put On Blankets In Room Styler

I now have Window Blankets all over my house. If I'm going to sit in a room for any length of time on a sunny day, I take down the Window Blankets and store them, but, (in winter) if we're having a cloudy, Ohio day, I may leave most of them in the windows. […]

How To Play Bass Guitar Like Lemmy

Lemmy saw the Beatles perform at the Cavern Club when he was sixteen, and then learned to play along on guitar to their first album Please Please Me. He also admired the sarcastic attitude of the group, particularly that of John Lennon . […]

How To Lose Fat Off Legs

★ How To Lose Fat Off Of Legs ★ Weight Loss With Epsom Salt If You Have A Fight Thats Coming Up Soon And You Need To Drop Some Weight Fast, This Article Will Show You How To Shed The Pounds Fast With This 2-week Diet Plan. […]

How To Make Teepee For Kids Outdoor Site

You can also have your kids make signs to hang on the front curtain. Or, put pillows and blankets in the teepee to make it a quiet, cozy spot for homework or reading. Or, put pillows and blankets in the teepee to make it a quiet, cozy spot for homework or reading. […]

How To Make Cake Flour From Pastry Flour

If pastry flour is unavailable, substitute equal parts all-purpose flour and cake flour. Another alternative is to use 2 tablespoons of cornstarch for every 7/8 cup of all-purpose flour required for the recipe. It is important to remember that when substituting all-purpose flour for pastry flour, the resulting baked item may be a bit tougher than when using only pastry flour… […]

How To File Tax Return In Canada For 2 Provinces

A unique E-file code is printed at the top of each tax return you receive. Using the E-file Code, you may file your return through SETS. If there is an amount owing, payment can be made by Internet banking, wire transfer, or cheque. […]

How To Make Micro Heroes

There are certain heroes were you must put on quick cast for certain spells, such as meepo. If you bind w to quick cast ability 2 when playing meepo you can tab poof so fast. You may want to experiement with quickcast on abilities like pudges meat hook once you are used to its cast ranges. […]

How To Put Movies On An Ipad Without Itunes

6/11/2018 Open the Movies section of your iTunes library, then select the "Home Videos" tab. This will display all of the movies that you have imported into iTunes. To move the movie into the "Movies" section, right-click on the movie and select "Get Info". […]

How To Make A Simple Solenoid Motor

If only the speed have to be regulated, you can try to use simple DIY type of speed sensor - use a second solenoid with a permanent magnet plunger, mechanically coupled to the pulling solenoid plunger. On the sensor winding leads you will get a voltage, proportional to the velocity of the plunger. […]

How To Make A Hole In A Egg

Chef's Note “History has not recorded the name of the genius who first cut a hole in a piece of bread and fried an egg in it, but many parents have used this to make a breakfast their kids will eat! […]

How To Cope With Friend Who Does Not Return Calls

8 Eye-Opening Signs Your Friend Does Not Want To Be Your Friend Anymore The 8 most common behaviors done by someone you used to be close with who does not want to be friends with you anymore. Catherine LaChance […]

How To Make Hummingbird Nectar For Feeders

You can buy Hummingbird feeders that hang, or can be applied to a window or glass door and they even have some hummingbird feeders that can be stuck in the ground. Buy or use a pitcher to make and store your homemade hummingbird nectar in. […]

How To Make A White Orchid Wrist Corsage

prom wrist corsage pictures White Orchid Corsage WRIST CORSAGE in Bend, OR AUTRYS 4 SEASONS MaryKay Thrasher. prom. 25+ The amazing Korsase Diy wrist . Prom Coursage Floral Arrangements Floral Design Flower Corsage Wrist Corsage Corsage And Boutonniere Boutonnieres Homecoming Corsage Crosage Prom. 25+ The amazing Korsase Diy wrist - weddingtopia. Stephanie Adams. Bre Anna Room. Wrist […]

How To Meet Jamie Oliver

How did Jools and Jamie meet? TV chef Jamie and model/fashion designer Jools met as teenagers, on a double date with Jamie’s friend Jimmy Doherty. Their pre-fame romance began when Jamie was 17, and he opened up about their 1st date on a 2012 episode of … […]

How To Play Wow Offline With Private Server

In this video I show you how to install the WoW Elysium Private Server game client since Nostalrius was taken offline. The Elysium Project was born from the desire to capture World of Warcraft in its original state so that you can share your passion with the world once more. […]

How To Make Prasad For Diwali

The Golden Temple, also known as Sri Darbar Sahib or Sri Harmandir Sahib, is located at Amritsar, Punjab. Harmandir Sahib literally means "The Temple of God". Sikhs from, throughout the world, come to this temple to pay obeisance at the Golden Temple. This temple represents the Sikh community and emphasizes on their motto - "One God for All". Now, get Prasad from Shri Harmandir Sahib/Golden Temple […]

How To Make Product Labels In Corel Draw 2017

17/05/2017 · Corel Draw x6 is the Graphics Designing Software. Corel Draw x6 is Best Software for Power Resolution Pena Flex, Bill Board, Screen Printing, Press Printing, Visiting Card, Wedding Card, Banner Designing and Brochures Designing. […]

How To Make Resin Tea

There are both epoxy and polyester types of resin that can be used for resin casting, but epoxy resin is one of the best for beginners, as it produces less harmful fumes and sets up more quickly than polyester resin. To begin using epoxy resin in crafts, you should learn how […]

Animal Crossing New Leaf How To Make Path Patterns

Animal Crossing: New Leaf QR Code Paths Pattern, zombinaandthesodomites2: Source ლ(╹ ╹ლ) Animal Crossing: New Leaf QR Code Paths Pattern, zombinaandthesodomites2: Source ლ(╹ ╹ლ) […]

How To Play Quizup On Chrome

3.Open Google Play Store and search the QuizUp and download, Or import the apk file from your PC Into XePlayer to install it. 4.Install QuizUp for PC.Now you can play QuizUp on PC.Have fun! […]

How To Say Happy Birthday In Japanese

Instead, the Japanese say the phrase in English as closely as their phonetic alphabet allows.. Although traditionally the phrase " Happy New Year " does contain some kanji, . (Please start off a good new year I wish you a happy new year !). […]

How To Make Your Hair Straight Naturally Forever

Rice Flour and Egg Mask turns your hair naturally straight at home Rice flour and egg together helps to make your hair smooth, sleek, strong and clean. This combo pack hydrates your hair, deep cleanses and repairs damage, giving it a nice, straight look. […]

Imvu How To Use Dao Pay

Third: learn to make IMVU content ^ Learn how to make clothes, poses, rooms, furniture and more for IMVU using Blender. Important: IMVU's default scale, the size objects appear to be in the 3D View, is approximately 100x LARGER than Blenders. […]

How To Read A 100ths Ruler

Read along the ruler, starting at the "zero" mark, until you reach the far edge of whatever you're measuring. Note where that edge falls between the centimeter marks (the large, numbered marks on the tenths or metric side of any ruler). If it falls right on a centimeter mark, you can note down the number of centimeters and be done. […]

How To Make Google Home Work

SMARTER HOME: Five devices to make your home smarter. Shaped like a soft drink can, Home is the result of years of research into natural language recognition, web search, neural networks, and […]

How To Make A Cookbook As A Gift

This book makes a perfect host gift for anyone with even a moderate sense of humor. It is full of valuable, real tips, recipes and tricks on hospitality, but more importantly is hilarious. It is full of valuable, real tips, recipes and tricks on hospitality, but more importantly is hilarious. […]

How To Put A Soft Top On A Jeep

[full online] how to put a soft top on a jeep user manuals How To Put A Soft Top On A Jeep User Manuals hunting for how to put a soft top on a jeep user manuals full online do you really need this file of […]

How To Make Praise And Worship Flags

Entertainment; Added : Thu, 13 Aug 15 ; How to make a worship flags banners by CALLED TO FLAG - banners worship flags , how to make worship flags , How to Make Flags, Banners, and Praise Sheets , Flag Demonstration and How-to make information , Praise, Worship & Flags Clips , Total Praise Mime N Flag Com./Make Me Careful , (The Nine) Praise […]

How To Teach A Child To Play Sudoku

Sudoku for kids with answers. 200+ Sudoku Puzzles - Volume 3 How to teach a child to play sudoku. How to help your child pay attention in school? […]

How To Make Icing Cream For Cake

Cream cheese frostings are absolutely delicioussmooth and creamy and luxurious. A classic combination is red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. […]

How To Say Shave In Japanese

Katsuobushi, The Dried Fermented Fish Rock That's in Almost Every Japanese Dish You've Ever Eaten It's not pretty, it's not fresh, it's hard as a rock, and it's what makes Japanese food taste like Japanese … […]

How To Get Radio Play

2/01/2019 · - Introducing Playlist Radio, a new way for Free users to listen to iHeartRadio playlists. Find any playlist you like, and start a station with music inspired by that playlist. […]

How To Make Linen Liners For Picture Frames

Our premium solid wood custom picture frames are hand crafted to your custom dimensions. Individuals, professionals, and businesses rely on our quality custom made picture frames to frame their paintings and photographs at a very affordable price. […]

How To Put Together A Baby Shower Gift Basket

Jessica, That is a great question! I love emily’s ideas on what to put in a nursing station gift basket–great thoughts! But I wonder if you are asking about hostess gifts, a little something to give the ladies who are hosting your baby shower? […]

How To Make Rainbow Swirl Cupcakes

See more What others are saying "Birthday is a special day for everyone, and a perfect cake will seal the deal. Fantasy fictions create some of the best birthday cake ideas. […]

How To Make The Perfect Pizza Rolls

Easily make my Pepperoni Pizza Rolls recipes featuring a lovely, soft dough, zesty sauce and plenty of cheese. It's the perfect treat for pizza lovers! […]

How To Make Pan De Coco Video

Pan de coco is typically made in wood ovens. The flavor of fresh coconut and traditional cooking way must give special characteristics which make the bread so famous in the Honduras. The flavor of fresh coconut and traditional cooking way must give special characteristics which make […]

How To Look Like A Teenager At 25

Teenager claims she has had 50 surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie A TEENAGER claims she has undergone more than 50 surgeries in an attempt to look like her idol, Angelina Jolie, admitting she […]

How To Make A Case Sensitive Password

For example, if a password field is case sensitive, then you must enter each letter case as you did when the password was created. Any tool that supports text input might support case sensitive input. […]

How To Make A Pcture One Color Only

One important thing when you repair an image or improving the data ranges for further processing is white ballance. You should watch for white objects and match their color with that of the implied color temperature of the illumination to which it is subjected. […]

How To Put A Price Estimate Wix

Note: Unlike a quote, an estimate is not a contract and the price may end up being higher or lower. For example, you might provide an estimate before a more complete inspection is finished, and then a final quote to agree on the exact price to complete the job. […]

Maplestory How To Make A Burning Character

I just tried deleting a character to make room for a new one. I put in the birthday code and confirmed it and everything, but as soon as I hit "yes I'm sure" I get disconnected with a message saying that there was a problem connecting to the server. […]

How To Make Our City Clean And Green

Clean and green is our perfect dream. +587. Look around, walk around, breathe clean air and don’t litter the ground. +565. Keep your city clean and green for the future generations to be seen. +452. Yesterday we smoked the green, today we keep it clean. Be green or you’re mean. +363. Don’t be a litterbug, just give a tree a hug. +341. Don’t litter, it makes the world bitter. +298. Keep […]

How To Put A Track In Spotlight

Lighting How to use track lighting and spotlights Verve shares how track lighting and spotlights can give you focused task lighting, ambient highlights and the freedom to direct light … […]

How To Buy Xbox Live As A Gift

25/04/2009 Using Visa or American Express Gift Cards to Shop Online One of the most asked gift card questions, particularly on Yahoo Answers is whether you can use a Visa or any other bank issued gift card (American Express, Discover, or MasterCard) to shop online. […]

How To Make Money Repairing Appliances

You’ll have to put in some time and money as you go to pick up the appliances, to get them in optimum shape as you clean them up, do some paint retouching and do minor repairs, but the profit you make on the resell could make it a worthwhile side hustle. […]

How To Run An Ico Bounty Campaign

The campaign will run until the end of the token sale or until all tokens are sold out. 2.5% of the total supply of 1 billion tokens, i.e. 25 million tokens are reserved for bounty campaign, in case the hard cap is reached and no tokens are burned. […]

How To Put A Watch On Your Credit Report

Credit inquiries are added to your credit report each time you make a new application for credit and too many of them hurt your credit score and your ability to get approved. If you get denied for a major credit card, try applying for a retail store credit card. […]

How To Play Wayward Son On Guitar

Carry On Wayward Son. Welcome to a giant standard in the classic rock catalog. In this series, we'll explore how to take simple chords and scales and add a healthy dose of chops to learn Carry On Wayward Son. […]

How To Make A Homemade Weather Vane

"This easy homemade weather vane introduces kids to the super cool science of meteorology." "Learn about the weather with a home made weather vane." "This is a quick fun demonstration of weather vanes and how they operate." "Use a small upside-down terra-cotta pot for the base" "This easy homemade weather vane is a great hands-on weather lesson for kids!" Raining Sponge. Expo Sciences Science […]

How To Make A Buddha Stencil

This design sheet features 3 highly detailed 1 large flying fairy, 3 medium fairy stencils, mushroom stencil, and 1 mini flying fairy that can be used to make realistic airbrush tattoos. […]

How To Put Down Floating Laminate Flooring

Hardwood flooring is luxurious, durable and can add to the value of a house, but it isn't always cost-effective to install it. Laminate flooring is a less expensive alternative to hardwood that […]

How To Play Scrabble Catch Phrase

Scrabble Electronic Catch Phrase is a party game that gets everyone on their feet and giggling within minutes. Played a bit like Hot Potato, players need to pass the electronic game … […]

How To Make An Interactive World Map For Ppt

Download editable digital PowerPoint maps for the USA, US states and World. All PowerPoint vector map features can be customized. Create custom territory maps. All PowerPoint vector map … […]

How To Play As Dwarf Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder is a new clicker game by Kongregate, who has built a mini-empire out of them with games such as Pocket Politics and AdVenture Capitalist. […]

How To Play Music On Python

how to play mp3. Ask Question 7. 2. my problem starts here: if I can use only gTTS what is the best way to play mp3 on Windows 10-64 bit, Python 3.5 . ok with os: import os os.startfile("D:\my path/rec1.mp3") it is good, but I don't want use default player, need something like simpleaudio for mp3... with pygame I have installation problem and not sure, how good is use it this way: from […]

How To Make Rice Pilaf With Vermicelli

The most traditional rice that I cook is white rice with vermicelli or orzo. This is usually called the Lebanese rice, but it is widely popular in every country in the Middle East. Sticky rice though is not our thing. In fact, if you cook rice and it came out sticky is considered a disgrace to the cook . Rice should be fluffy, firm but cooked all the way through. Separated pearls or rice are […]

How To Make A Pinhole Camera Without Film

With just a few simple supplies, you can make a pinhole camera that lets you watch a solar eclipse safely and easily from anywhere. Before you get started, remember: You should never look at the sun directly without equipment that's specifically designed for looking at the sun. […]

How To Read The Catholic Bible Daily

22/09/2017 Broobarker: Among Bible translations in general, the easiest translations to read are the International Children's Bible (ICB) and the New International Reader's Version (NIrV). They were all translated at a 3rd grade reading level. The ICB is published by Thomas Nelson, a protestant publisher. The NIrV is a simplification of the New International Version. While these are good translations […]

How To Make Gears Mesh

Cars, clocks, and can openers, along with many other devices, use gears in their mechanisms to transmit power through rotation. Gears are a type of circular mechanical device with teeth that mesh to transmit rotation across axes, and they are a very valuable mechanism to … […]

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