How To Play War Card Game Casino

7/01/2011 · The player and dealer both get one card, highest card wins, In the event of a tie, the player can either surrender and lose the bet, or "Go to war". In this case the player and the casino matches the original bet, and the player and dealer both get another card after the dealer has burned 3 cards. Then high card wins. If a tie again, the player wins the whole pot. […]

How To Run For City Council Houston

SM: I am the only lawyer in the race for Houston City Council At-Large, Position 5. I am the only candidate with a Masters in Transportation Planning and Management. I am the only candidate that has worked for the City of Houston for 9 years. One of those years was spent under the leadership of former City Council Member Ada Edwards, in District D. The other eight years, I worked in the Solid […]

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